What is the PSDF?

The PSDF is a policy document that promotes a ‘developmental state’ in accordance with national and provincial legislation and directives. It aligns with the Northern Cape Provincial Growth and Development Strategy which has committed the Northern Cape to ‘building a prosperous, sustainable and growing provincial economy which reduces poverty and improves social development’.

The PSDF will put forward comprehensive plans and strategies, which collectively indicate which type of land-use should be promoted in the Province, where such land-use should take place, and how it should be implemented and managed. In broad terms, the PSDF will:

  • Indicate the spatial implications of the core development objectives of the Northern Cape Provincial Growth and Development Strategy.
  • Serve as a spatial plan that facilitates local economic development.
  • Lay down strategies, proposals and guidelines as it relates to sustainable development.
  • Facilitate cross-boundary co-operation between district and local municipalities, adjoining provinces, and bordering countries.
  • Serve as a manual for integration and standardisation of the planning frameworks of all spheres of government in the Province with specific reference to the following:
    • Guiding the district and local municipalities in the preparation of their spatial development frameworks.
    • Facilitating land-use classification in a standard format in accordance with defined Spatial Planning Categories.

The PSDF will not create or take away land-use rights. However, amendment of existing rights will have to conform to the PSDF.

This means that organs of state and officials must take account of, and apply relevant provisions of the PSDF when making decisions that affect land-use in the Province.

The PSDF will not be applied rigidly but in a manner that takes into account the merits and particular circumstances of each case presented.